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Lrbt-126/145/252 Series Gis Combination Electrical Apparatus Matching Assembled Current Transformer

  • LRBT-126/145/252

1. Product Description

This current transformer series is mainly for GIS fully enclosed combination of appliances, CT is an independent unit.CT unit primarily consists of a secondary coil, shell, aluminum alloy shielding cylinder, and secondary terminal box, after SF6 leakage detection and related electrical performance tests, GIS manufacturers do not need to assemble the CT in the factory, directly into the GIS can be mounted on the CT unit, easy to install, reliable performance.

2. Main features

• Primary insulation medium: SF6 or mixed gas.

• The secondary insulation medium: PET polyester film.

• Applicable places: indoor or outdoor.

• Installation: Vertical or horizontal installation.

• Coil fixing method: casting type.

• Coil installation: built-in type, secondary coil is located inside the gas chamber.

• The secondary outlet box is aluminium alloy structure, dust-proof, waterproof, breathable sealing structure meets IP55 requirements.

• Transportation method: after vacuuming, flush N2 or SF6 into the box, and transport it under slight positive pressure to prevent air from entering.

3. Main Technical Parameters

Voltage level (kV)126/145/252
Rated frequency (Hz)50 or 60.
Accuracy level (combination on demand)0.1,0.2,0.5,1,3,0.2S,0.5S,5P,10P,5PR,10PR, PX, PXR, X, PS, TPY, TPS, TPX, TPZ
Rated primary current (A)75~8000
Rated secondary current (A)1,2,5
Rated load (VA)1~200
Secondary winding frequency withstand voltage (kV)3
Secondary winding turn-to-turn withstand voltage (kV)4.5

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