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Lrbt-40.5/72.5/126/145/252/363/420/550 Series Current Transformer Secondary Coil

  • Lrbt-40.5/72.5/126/145/252/363/420/550

1. Product Description

This series of current transformer secondary coils can be used in a variety of power products such as GIS/HGIS combination electrical appliances, GCB can-type circuit breakers, open-type current transformers, transformers, etc., to provide accurate current signals for the secondary measurement, metering, protection, and transient protection equipment of the power system.

2. Main features

• Adopting PET polyester film with excellent electrical performance as an insulating material.

• External coil with waterproof layer, waterproof and moisture-proof, suitable for air operation environment.

• Built-in coil without waterproof layer, suitable for low water environments, such as SF6 or mixed gas.

3. Main Technical Parameters

Voltage level (kV)40.5/72.5/126/145/252/363/420/550
Rated frequency (Hz)50 or 60.
Accuracy level (combination on demand)0.1,0.2,0.5,1,3,0.2S,0.5S,5P,10P,5PR,10PR, PX, PXR, X, PS, TPY, TPS, TPX, TPZ
Rated primary current (A)75~8000
Rated secondary current (A)1,2,5
Rated load (VA)1~200
Secondary winding frequency withstand voltage (kV)3
Secondary winding turn-to-turn withstand voltage (kV)4.5

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