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Oil-immersed Vacuum On-load Tap-changer 800A Passes Type Test Report

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I Introduction

This report carries out a comprehensive type test on an oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A, aiming to verify its performance indexes, electrical strength, mechanical life, and other key characteristics. The experimental results show that the product has stable and reliable performance, and all the indexes are in line with the design requirements and industry standards and are suitable for installation and use in power systems.

II Experimental content and results

1. Performance tests. Rigorous laboratory tests have been carried out on the performance indicators of the oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A. The on-load tap-changer operates normally at temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +100 °C and the deviations of the parameters are within the permissible limits. In the voltage fluctuation range of -10% to +20%, the switch's operational performance and electrical strength are good. Under the rated load, the temperature rise limit of the switch complies with the national standard. The experiment also evaluated the short-circuit performance of the switch. Within the specified short-circuit duration, the switch was able to reliably cut off the fault current, proving its excellent short-circuit withstanding capability electrical strength test.

In the withstand voltage test, the oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A performed well. The insulation resistance of the main circuit to ground and phase-to-phase far exceeded the national standard, and there was no obvious breakdown phenomenon under 1.5 times the rated AC voltage, which verified the excellent electrical strength performance of the switch.

2. Mechanical life testing. To verify the durability of the on-load tap-changer, no-load and load cycle life tests of up to 500,000 cycles were carried out. The test results show that the oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A maintains its precise operational performance and excellent electrical strength after such intense operating cycles, proving that its well-designed and high-quality material selection ensures stable long-term operation.

3. Temperature rise test. We conducted temperature rise tests on the switches under full-load operating conditions. The temperature rise of the switch is always within the permissible range even under extremely high-temperature environments, which fully demonstrates its good heat dissipation performance and excellent insulation material noise and vibration test.

III Summary

In summary, the oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A excels in every respect. Its stable performance indicators, excellent electrical strength, outstanding mechanical life as well as low noise and vibration characteristics make it the ideal choice for use in power systems. In addition, it takes environmental considerations and safety into account and offers good parallel operation.

We are confident that the oil-immersed vacuum on-load tap-changer 800A will provide users with efficient, stable, and safe power system performance for a wide range of applications under complex operating conditions.

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