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300A Oil-Immersed Composite Vacuum on-Load Tap Changer for Power Transformer

  • FSZ300/10-9

  • Wukai

1. Overview

The 10kV oil-immersed composite vacuum on-load tap changer developed by our company is a new innovative product. Its unique design combines a tap selector and diverter switch into one while adopting advanced vacuum arc extinguishing technology and a buried composite resistance transition structure.
      This oil-immersed composite vacuum on-load tap changer consists of several components including an oil compartment and composite inserts.
      The product offers neutral point and end regulation to meet the needs of different application scenarios. This series offers excellent performance advantages in terms of size, weight, construction, service life, and maintenance.
      First of all, the product's compact size and lightweight can effectively save installation space, especially suitable for places with limited space. Its simple structural design makes installation and maintenance more convenient, bringing users an excellent experience.
      Whether in industry or power systems, we are confident that this series of oil-immersed composite vacuum on-load tap changers will play an outstanding role. Its outstanding performance and reliable quality will bring your projects higher efficiency and safer operation.

2. Model Description

3. Product advantages

I The same size, in the domestic counterparts to achieve the maximum capacity (can be achieved step voltage 500V, rated current 800A), for the use of transformer unit can reduce operating costs.

I Advanced structure, better than the domestic known small vacuum switch structure, from manufacturing, assembly to maintenance interchange is in the lead.

I The tap changer has passed all the type tests in Xian Xibian Components Co., LTD.

4. Technical data

Max. rated through-current Ir (A)


Number of phases


Step voltage (V) (per phase)


Wiring Method

Neutral point voltage regulation (X)

End regulation voltage (T)

Max. operating positions


Insulation level (kV)

Insulation grade


Max. operating voltage


Power frequency test voltage 1min

To ground


Phase to phase



Maximum and minimum tap interval


Impact test (1.2/50us)


Mechanical life

Million cycles

No less than 50

Electrical life

No less than 10

Seal test

Working pressure


Test pressure


On-load tap-changer weight (without oil)



Filling weight

Based on on-load tap-changer height

Matching Controller

Model specifications are shown in the randomized annex

5. Conditions of use

I The place of installation of the on-load tap-changer shall be free from serious dust and explosive and corrosive gases;

I The on-load tap-changer storage atmospheric ambient temperature should be in the range of -25℃~45℃;

I The temperature of the oil shall be within the range of -25 °C to 100 °C when the on-load tap-changer is used in transformer oil;

I When the on-load tap-changer is installed on the transformer, its vertical inclination shall not exceed 2%.

6. Dimensional illustration


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